Re-Spraying and Re-Finishing In Hampshire

Welcome to my re-spraying and re-finishing page. I specialise in providing the highest quality re-spraying and re-finishing services throughout Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Romsey and the surrounding Hampshire areas.

I pride myself in taking great care and attention to detail through all work that I offer. Because of this work ethic, I have managed to build a career around my passion and hobbies. But, how does my passion and interest benefit you?

What Is Re-Spraying and Re-Finishing?

Re-spraying and re-finishing is a vitally important aspect of furniture and antique restoration that worryingly is commonly overlooked. My professional re-spray and re-finish can save you from more expensive and extensive antique restoration. The purpose of re-finishing and re-spraying wooden furniture is to improve your wooden furniture’s appearance, and heighten its resistance against moisture and other corrosive elements.

What Benefits Will Re-Spraying and Re-Finishing Bring?

I have found that a successful re-spraying and re-finishing service improves other elements of wood. For example, I have heard from my musical friends that a re-spraying and refinishing can heighten the tonality of acoustic instruments.

Finally, wood is a notoriously difficult surface to clean, especially wooden furniture. On one hand you don’t want to go to hard at it, in fear of damaging the wood or removing the protective elements. A re-spray and finish gives your wooden furniture a consistent surface that is easily manageable.


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Why Pick Me For Your Re-spraying and Re-finishing In Hampshire?

Alongside antique restoration being a passion of mine, I also have twenty years of experience within the trade.
I treat all projects as if they were my own. Ensuring only the highest quality finish, with acute attention to detail.

I only use the highest quality products when restoring your antique furniture, providing an unbeatable and competitively priced service throughout Hampshire.
Contact me today for a free consultation and more information about re-spraying and re-finishing.

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